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Ready, Set, Action Verbs : Help your students use the Present Continuous!

Ready, Set, Action Verbs : Help your students use the Present Continuous!

The present continuous is one of my favorite verbs to teach to groups of young learners. It can be loads of fun and since it's a verb that you can "teach by doing" the target language retention is phenomenal. So, you've finished the Present Simple and Adverbs of Frequency and you're ready to move forward and start the Present Progressive Tense.  First things first, your students really need to have a good grasp of basic action verbs. at this point they probably already know many of them just from the basic directions you give in class: Listen to me, take out your pencil, sit down, stand up, etc.

I created a few different resources to help with this tense while making it fun and engaging. All of these activities are available for single purchase.


Grab-n-Go Activity (Fits on a keyring)

Kids love acting out the action verbs in this 65 card set while their classmates guess which verbs they are miming. These colorful cards were designed for use in ESL and EFL classrooms, but they are also an ideal activity for primary grades as well. This exercise is a great way to get students moving, use all that excess energy in a positive way and practice this important verb tense at the same time. *The same 65 cards with a white background are also included in the download (for those that wish to save ink). Just print the version you want on heavy card or laminate so you can use them for years to come. This file is easy to cut out! No rounded edges!! 
Basic action verbs - differentiated into 2 different levels depending on your students language level.

Action Verbs -UNO Inspired Card Game: 


This is really one of my favorite ways to practice all kinds of grammar and vocabulary. CARD GAMES really get your students motivated to use the target language. What kid doesn't want to win? This is great to play in small groups or in teams. Your students will practice forming positive & negative sentences as well as questions in the present continuous.



Action Verb Activity Set - Cootie Catchers and more....

Kids love a hands on activity. That's why this worksheet and cootie catcher set is a must have! Click the link above for more details about the resource!
Need a great set to practice the present continuous verb tense in young learners classrooms. This set of focused activities, sentence matching, new vocabulary worksheets and cootie catchers / fortune tellers will help your students both learn and practice 64 different action verbs with the 3 activities included in this set.
What's included in this download:
8 different cootie catchers/fortune tellers (64 different verbs to practice)
Each cootie catcher depicts an action verb. This is such a wonderful activity to practice correct sentence formation. Your students must use a complete sentence to describe the scene. Example: The girl is inviting the boy to a party.
4 pages of action verb worksheets: Your students are asked to write both the infinitive and present continuous of the verb depicted in the picture. This is fantastic to pre-teach the verbs if your students are unfamiliar with them. Self- correcting with answer sheets included.
Sentence matching activity: After your students have learned the verbs, use this sentence matching activity to have them match complete present continuous sentences to the appropriate picture.

Happy teaching,
xoxo Brooke

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