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Hot Chocolate Teachables offers a wide selection of ESL games and activities designed for teaching English to kids, teens and adult students. Explore our collection of resources to find engaging ways to teach grammar, verb tenses, parts of speech, vocabulary building, pronunciation, literacy, word recognition and conversation skills. Use the categories above to navigate and find targeted language activities!

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5 Easy Back to School Activities

5 Easy Back to School Activities

Back to school is around the corner and it's always nice to have a variety of fun ice breaker activities for the first week back to school in addition to your regular curriculum. Here are a few of my favorite activities to use with ESL learners of various skill levels from newcomers to intermediate students. GET STUDENTS WARMED UP WITH CHARADES  Easy Action Verb Charades...

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4 Creative Ways to Use Glue Dots in the ESL Classroom

4 Creative Ways to Use Glue Dots in the ESL Classroom

Glue dots might just be the unsung heroes of classroom supplies. These tiny, adhesive wonders offer a mess-free alternative to liquid glue and can transform the way we engage with classroom materials. Today, we'll explore four creative ways to incorporate glue dots into your classroom activities, enhancing everything from flashcards and board games to task cards and visual aids. The product that I'm talking about today is Aleene's TACK IT over and Over! It's a re-positionable adhesive that is amazing for classroom use! (The above is an amazon affiliate link)! There are so many ways to use this product. In this blog post I'll be mentioning a few!

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Paperless - Digital Boom Cards™

English Games Bundle - Parts of Speech, Verbs, Nouns, Prepositions, Vocabulary

$45.00 $58.50

This English grammar and vocabulary games bundle contains 16 different games to practice targeted language concepts including: sentence building, plural nouns, prepositions, present tense verbs (simple and continuous) antonyms, regular/irregular verbs, wh questions and more! This grammar games bundle is a great way for students to practice beginning (A1/A2) level ESL grammar concepts. Each game is targeted to one specific concept. This resource is a wonderful addition to any ELL, ESL, EFL classroom. Prep once and use all year!

Keep your games organized and easily accessible.


What's included:

  • There are 16 complete game sets included.
  • Each game set included the components needed to play including: (Answer Keys, student recording sheets, game cards, game pieces, question cards and more)
  • Box labels for organization
  • Please see individual listings for a better idea of what each game includes.


The following sets are included:

  1. What am I? Guessing Game
  2. Irregular Verb Slap
  3. Plural Noun Bingo
  5. Name Three Things (Card Game)
  6. Action Verb Dominoes
  7. Word Play (Scattergories)
  8. Charades
  9. Sentence Shuffle
  10. Regular Verb Match
  11. Antonyms GO FISH
  12. Comparative & Superlatives
  13. Preposition SCOOT
  14. Mixed Tenses Board Game
  15. WH Question STOMP Board Game
  16. Editable Card Game

*These sets can also be purchased individually.

How will you receive the resource?
After your payment has processed you will be redirected to a download page where you can immediately download the file and save it to your computer. You will also receive an email containing a link to the resource. .

* Due to the digital nature of this product. Hot Chocolate Education does NOT offer refunds. Once the product has been downloaded, it can't be returned and refunds can not be issued