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Halloween Activities to Practice Speaking & Listening

Halloween Activities to Practice Speaking & Listening

Halloween Find Someone Who: Whole-class speaking activity We all know that our students "cheat" when participating in mingle activities. We try to circle the room, listen and pay attention to who is and who isn't actively or correctly participating.What does correctly participating in an ESL/EFL classroom mean? Your students aren't just pointing to the prompt and writing in a friends initials. Your students are using...

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4 Ways To Practice Wh-Question Words

4 Ways To Practice Wh-Question Words

Wh-questions are the glue that holds language together. Without them, conversation can't progress beyond a certain point. That's why I'm always so excited when my ESL students progress from only being able to answer closed ended questions to our WH-question word unit. To me it's almost as if they've graduated and are now officially "English Speakers". They can ask and answer a wealth of questions and really get to know eachother. Here's a few games and acitivities that I've created and remain my go-to teaching essentials when working with open-ended questions.

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Ready, Set, Action Verbs : Help your students use the Present Continuous!

Ready, Set, Action Verbs : Help your students use the Present Continuous!

The present continuous is one of my favorite verbs to teach to groups of young learners. It can be loads of fun and since it's a verb that you can "teach by doing" the target language retention is phenomenal. So, you've finished the Present Simple and Adverbs of Frequency and you're ready to move forward and start the Present Progressive Tense.  First things first, your students really need to have a good grasp of basic action verbs.

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Irregular Verbs Digital Escape: Escape the Pirates Island Adventure


 This is a digital download. No physical product will be shipped.

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If you are looking for a digital activity to practice Irregular verbs, this Breakout Escape Adventure is an engaging, interactive way to use the Irregular form of Past Simple Verbs. It's paperless and No-prep. Using the link provided your students will access the Google Site™ and complete all of the activities digitally. Your students will participate in a treasure hunt, follow directions, find clues, complete grammar activities and unlock the code to the treasure.

This activity is hosted on a Google Site™.

What your students will do:

  • Complete a Google Slides drag and drop word reveal activity
  • Complete a Google form with 10 different questions using Past Simple Irregular Verbs
  • Complete a Drag and Drop Word sort (identifying Regular and Irregular verbs)
  • Complete a fill-in the blank postcard with the past tense of 15 different Irregulars

To get to the activities they need to use the clues:

  • a text message
  • a map & treasure map
  • hidden picture
  • jigsaw puzzle
  • alphabet code

What's included in this download:

  • a link and qr code to access the google site where the entire activity is hosted.
  • a printable student recording sheet to aid students in writing down the answers and cracking the codes
  • a pdf step by step Teacher "How-to" Directions Packet
  • Teacher Answer Key

 System requirements:

  • computer/desktop/laptop or a mobile device with Google Apps™ installed
  • Google account
  • internet connection
This resource is also available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you prefer to purchase it there, follow this link.

How will you receive the resource?
After your payment has processed you will be redirected to a download page where you can immediately download the file and save it to your computer. You will also receive an email containing a link to the resource, qr code  and complete directions.

* Due to the digital nature of this product. Hot Chocolate Education does NOT offer refunds. Once the product has been downloaded, it can't be returned and refunds can not be issued

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My students and I are in LOVE with your card games! They beg me to play and I don't mind because they get so much communication practice.

Caroline5th Grade Teacher - Emerging Bilinguals

I teach ELD to Grade 2 in Australia. Your activities are so engaging and fun. I wish I would have found you years ago!

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Brilliant! I use these games over and over again and have many teachers asking where I got them!

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