Action Verbs - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Action Verbs

Practice action verbs and the Present Continuous verb tense with some engaging resources.
Alphabet - Hot Chocolate Teachables


Review the letters of the alphabet from A-Z.
Animals - Hot Chocolate Teachables


Animal vocabulary games for young learners.
Articles | Plurals | Quantifiers - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Articles | Plurals | Quantifiers

Activities to practice using articles, plural noun endings and non/non count nouns.  Articles  a-an-the Plural Noun Endings s-es-ies Count and non-count nouns quantifiers some, any
Award Certificates - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Award Certificates

Editable award certificates to customize with student names and dates. Recognize your students amazing progress throughout the year with these cute printables.
Back To School

Back To School

Get ready for the first week back at school with getting to know you and ice breaker activities differentiated for students with different communication abilities. Find engaging English activities for school aged children.
Bestsellers - Hot Chocolate Teachables


Save time and have digital and printable resources ready to use in your next lesson. Most of the resources are "print once" and use forever, making them a worthwhile investment for your classroom.English language games, activities and lesson plans to use and play in ESL classrooms. Find an activity specifically targeted to the language, vocabulary or grammar point that you are teaching.
Discounted Bundles - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Bestselling Bundles

Save big by purchasing a bundle of ESL teaching resources. Custom bundles are also available. Pre-made bundles are usually priced at 20% off. Create a custom bundle of 8 or more resources and get 25% off
Bingo Games - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Bingo Games

Vocabulary Bingo games are a great way to learn and review vocabulary words. While playing your students will practice active listening skills, reading and speaking.
Board Games - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Board Games

An exclusive collection of printable board games tailored for kids learning English. Our innovative approach combines the excitement of gaming with targeted educational goals! Check out the entire collection of board games: Vocabulary Board Games Grammar Board Games Speaking Practice Board Games Literacy Board Games Board Games for Kids, English Learning, Grammar Structures, Conversation Skills, Parts of Speech, Vocabulary, Educational Games for Children
Boom Cards - Interactive Activities for Teaching English

Boom Cards™

Use these interactive, paperless, self grading digital task cards to practice all types of grammar and vocabulary. Using a Boom Card™ deck your students will click, tap, drag and drop and type in their answers. Use them in class, project them on an interactive whiteboard or assign a deck as homework. The possibilities are endless!  Use them on a computer, tablet or cell phone with an internet connection. To learn more about using BOOM CARDS in the classroom, check out the blog post!


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Card Games - Hot Chocolate Teachables

Card Games

If your students love games - these printable card games are the best small group teaching tool to have on hand for English as a second language classrooms. You can use them for most grammar and vocabulary topics that are used in your ESL classroom to improve your students speaking, reading and listening fluency.
Clothing - Hot Chocolate Teachables


Practice clothes and clothing related vocabulary with some fun activities
Conditional Tenses Conversation Questions

Conditional Tenses

Are your intermediate-advanced level English students (ESL)seeking additional opportunities to refine their grasp of complex verb tenses? Look no further! Our extensive collection of conversation resources is specifically tailored to provide valuable practice and support in mastering conditionals ranging from zero to third. Easily add valuable practice to add to your existing lesson plans, deepen student understanding and enhance proficiency and confidence in using these intricate conditional verb tenses.