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4 Ways To Practice Wh-Question Words

4 Ways To Practice Wh-Question Words

Wh-questions are the glue that holds language together. Without them, conversation can't progress beyond a certain point. That's why I'm always so excited when my ESL students progress from only being able to answer closed ended questions to our WH-question word unit. To me it's almost as if they've graduated and are now officially "English Speakers". They can ask and answer a wealth of questions and really get to know eachother. Here's a few games and acitivities that I've created and remain my go-to teaching essentials when working with open-ended questions.

WH-Question Card Game
What they'll practice:

  • Simple Present
  • Present Continuous
  • Past Simple
Wh-Printable Question Card Game

Wh-Question Boom Cards

What they'll practice:

 Indentifying the correct Wh-Question word that completes the sentence correctly.

Wh- Question Boom Cards

Icebreakers - Getting to Know You UNO

What they'll practice:

 Answering open-ended questions using Wh-question words

Getting to Know You card game

Wh-Question Printable Task Cards

What they'll practice:

 Choosing the correct question word from 3 different choices
Wh-Question Printable Task Cards
I hope some of these engaging games come in handy with your students and you enjoy them
as much as I do! 
Happy teaching!


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