Digital Antonyms BINGO Game - Google Slides™ Opposite Words Activity


This antonym opposite word practice digital BINGO game is a great way to build vocabulary and practice active listening skills. Using the Interactive Google Slides™, your students will drag and drop tokens to cover the opposite of each word you call out.
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Game (plays just like traditional BINGO)
  • 30 numbered boards for large classes (Digital Google Slides)
  • 36 different antonyms (18 pairs)
  • Printable Calling Cards

 This resources downloads to your Google Drive. You will be asked to make a copy to use this resource.

Students listen for their teacher to call each word and drag a token to cover the opposite. Four in a row wins - BINGO!


Grab the printable version of this game here:

Opposite Words Bingo Game | ESL Vocabulary Based Antonym Activity

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