Community Helpers Activity Pack: Posters | Games | Task Cards & Activity Bundle

$10.00 $14.50

This colorful community helpers activity pack contains four different resources, games & activities that will help your students build vocabulary related to jobs, careers and occupations of our community helpers.

Included you'll find:

  • Community Helpers Guess Who (Print & Digital Versions)
  • Task Cards: Answering Wh-Questions about Community Helpers
  • Vocabulary Identification Boom Cards *(read more about Boom Cards below)
  • Classroom Posters/ Bulletin Board Word Wall
  • *FREE BONUS included Flash Cards with and without text ($2.50 value)


This pack will help your students:

  • learn, practice and review the spelling of community helpers
  • listen and understand clues about jobs & careers
  • Answer simple questions related to community helpers (practice answering Wh-Questions)

Each of these three resources can also be purchased separately.


This resource is also available for purchase on Teacher Pay Teachers. If you prefer to purchase it there, follow this link.  

How will you receive the resource?
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* Due to the digital nature of this product. Hot Chocolate Education does NOT offer refunds. Once the product has been downloaded, it can't be returned and refunds can not be issued.