Telling Time Games BUNDLE - Hour, Half hour, quarter hour & nearest 5 minutes

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This games & activities bundle practices Telling Time to the HOUR, HALF HOUR, QUARTER HOUR and 5 MINUTES. It includes a card game, board game, bingo, whole-class digital game show and a poster / clock label set. This set of materials is everything you need to enhance your traditional unit on telling time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour. (bingo & card game - to the nearest 5 minutes). Great for ESL, EFL, ELL & ELA young learners.

 This bundle includes everything you need:

Whole class activities:

  1. Bingo Game (to the nearest 5 minutes)
  2. Digital Telling Time Game Show (interactive powerpoint)

Small group practice:

  1. UNO style card game (to the nearest five minutes)
  2. Board Game with question cards

For your classroom:

  • Telling Time Posters
  • Clock Labels

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