Past Tense Irregular Verbs Dice Games - Roll & Cover



This dice game is an easy activity to help review and practice changing Past Tense Irregular Verbs from Present to Past and Past to Present. Many students struggle with irregular verb conjugation and need a fun and engaging way to help memorize tricky irregulars.

Roll the dice and change the verb! Say it or Write it!


This game gives your students an opportunity to practice:

  • 75 different verbs
  • reading skills (irregular verb ending pronunciations)
  • changing verbs from Past > Present
  • changing verbs from Present > Past


What's included: 2 versions

  • 12 Game Boards (25 verbs per board)
  • Color & Black & White printing options
  • Recording sheet
  • Directions are included!
 resource is also available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you prefer to purchase it there, follow this link.     

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