Parts of Speech - Easter / Spring Escape Room - Solve the Mystery Activity

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This engaging Easter themed Parts of Speech Escape Activity reviews comprehension, vocabulary, nouns, verbs, adjectives & pronouns. Your students will participate in the story of the Easter candy thief! By solving each of the 7 different tasks, they will find the identify the thief, the location of the remaining Easter candy and receive prizes at the end! (printable bookmarks or homework passes).

  • Great for review!
  • Created with young learners in mind - no complicated instructions, locks or codes.
  • Each completed task requires a teacher signature to "unlock" the next task!

Students will complete these tasks:

  1. Vocabulary race - Make as many words as you can using letters from the word given.
  2. Spring Vocabulary Word Search
  3. What am I? Spring word matching (inferencing)
  4. Color by Code: Parts of Speech
  5. Prepositions of Place: Use the picture to complete the gap-fill sentences.
  6. Noun -Verb -Adjective Sort - Identifying different parts of speech
  7. Irregular Verbs: Crack-the-Code

* The last activity is an ALPHA-NUMERIC secret code which will provide the location of the map.

Also included: (Color and B&W of each page is included)

  • Teacher Answer Key
  • Student Lock Sheet
  • Hint Cards
  • Prizes: Bookmarks & Homework Passes
  • Step by Step instructions

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