Make or Do? Task Cards | Using the correct verb with an object or activity


These grammar task cards are a great practice activity for the uses of the VERBS: MAKE and DO with an object or activity. Native speakers develop an intuitive sense of which verb to use with specific nouns or activities through exposure and practice. Non-native speakers may struggle with selecting the appropriate verb due to limited exposure or unfamiliarity with common collocations. This set of task cards provides examples of common collocations.

Each task card has a gap-fill phrase and your students must choose the correct verb MAKE or DO. Multiple tenses are used in these task cards including: Present Simple, Continuous, Past Simple, Future and Imperative (Let's)


Included in this digital download you will receive:


  • 36 Task Cards
  • Color and B/W printing options
  • Box Label (These task cards fit perfectly in 4x6" photo keepers)
  • Answer Key
  • Student Answer Sheet


Print, Laminate, Cut-out and use!

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