Sentence Building Grammar Escape Activity for ELL, EFL, ESL - Build a Sentence


If your students need practice building sentences, this Safari Escape activity focuses on word order in sentences and questions. Your students will participate in the story of the missing glasses while completing 7 different types of grammar tasks related to sentence building and word order. Each correctly completed task will unlock the next task. All 7 tasks completed correctly will win them a prize! Printable prizes for completion are included (Safari themed bookmarks and homework passes).


  • Great for review!
  • Created with young learners in mind - no complicated instructions, locks or codes.
  • Each completed task requires a teacher signature to "unlock" the next task!


Students will complete these tasks:

  1. Sentence Scramble - Make as many sentences as you can using the included mixed-up sentence strips
  2. Word order in questions
  3. Adverbs of Frequency
  4. Subject/Object Pronoun Gap-Fill
  5. Wh-Question Words - Read the answer and choose the correct question word
  6. Action Verbs - Present continuous sentences (positive/negative)
  7. Find the mistakes - Subject/Verb agreement, plural nouns, spelling errors

* The last activity is an ALPHA-NUMERIC secret code which will solve the problem


Also included: (Color and B&W of each page is included)

  • Teacher Answer Key
  • Student Lock Sheet
  • Hint Cards
  • Prizes: Bookmarks & Homework Passes
  • Step by Step instructions

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