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These grammar posters include a visual for some basic ESL grammar concepts including Present tenses, plural nouns, articles and WH-question words. A MUST HAVE functional classroom decoration! These posters provide a clear, easy to read visual reminder for ANY Elementary English classroom (ESL &EFL). Use them all at once as classroom decor to display all year or use them according to the unit you are teaching!

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  • Each of the 24 pages focuses on one concept.

 What's included:

Simple Present: Positive, Negative and Question forms for the verbs PLAY & BE

Present Continuous: Positive, Negative and Question Forms for the verb GO

Adverbs of Frequency: Adverbs to use while answering the question "How often?"

Wh- Questions - What, Where, When, Why, Who, How

Pronouns - Subject and Object

Plural Nouns - Regular, Irregular and Unusual

Articles - A/ An/ The

These posters are designed to be printed on US letter size paper or A4. Print, laminate and they are ready to use!

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ESL Grammar Posters - BOHO Neutral

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