Escape Room Bundle ESL - WH Questions, Present Tense Verbs, Sentence Building

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This Escape Bundle for ESL students features 4 different Escape Room Activities to practice: WH Questions, Present Tense Verbs, Comparative & Superlative Adjectives and Sentence Building Skills. In each Escape students will solve a different themed mystery by completing between seven and eight tasks that target the grammar or vocabulary focus. Each task is different and will engage students. Correct answers will provide codes to move forward to the next task. Solving all of the tasks correctly will help students solve the final mystery.


These grammar review ESCAPE STYLE activities can be used at anytime throughout the year! They great in small groups to encourage teamwork and include printable prizes!


What's included:

  1. WH Questions Escape Activity (Aloha Summer Vacation Theme)
  2. Grammar Review -Present Simple/Continuous, Subject Pronouns, Prepositions of Place & School Vocabulary
  3. Adjectives: Comparative & Superlative
  4. Sentence Building - Word order in Positive/Negative Sentences and Questions


In each activity students will complete a wide variety of tasks including:

  1. Comparing images - Visual Identification
  2. Charts- Fill in the gap
  3. Crack the code
  4. Puzzle - Matching Activity
  5. Multiple choice sentences
  6. Speech bubbles
  7. Sentence Scrambles
  8. Dominoes
  9. and much more


What's included:

  • Teacher Answer Sheets
  • Student Answer Sheet
  • Hint Cards
  • Prizes: Bookmarks & Homework Passes
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Color or B&W Printing Options

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