Punctuation Marks Posters: Visual Aid - Bulletin Board Classroom Decor - NEUTRAL

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This set of punctuation mark posters makes a great classroom visual aid. It features 12 different punctuation marks with their uses. A MUST HAVE for English teachers! They provide a clear, easy to read visual reminder that can be used to help with writing.


What's included:

  • 36 Hexagon shaped posters (7" x 7" when cut out)
  • BOHO Neutral Color Scheme
  • Each visual has a punctuation mark, name and use
  • The unique hexagon shape allows you to assemble your display any way you want.
  • Color and B&W versions included:
  • Print in color on white paper or print in B&W on colored paper.

Punctuation included:

  • ampersand
  • hyphen
  • question mark
  • period
  • comma
  • semicolon
  • exclamation point
  • quotation marks
  • parentheses
  • apostrophe
  • colon
  • brackets


These posters are designed to be printed on US letter size paper or A4. Print, laminate and they are ready to use!


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