Answering WH Questions | Comprehension Task Card Bundle | What, When, Who, Why

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This question comprehension task card bundle is great for extra practice answering WH Questions starting with: What, When, Who, Why & When. This question comprehension task card bundle is divided by question word. They are a great way for students to practice beginning (A1/A2) level ESL question comprehension using: what, why, when, why and where questions.


What's included in each set:

  • There are 5 complete sets included (30 task cards per set) = 150 task cards
  • Answer Key
  • Student Answer sheet
  • Color or B/W printing options
  • Task Card Box Label


The following sets are included:

  1. What questions
  2. Where questions
  3. Who questions
  4. Why questions
  5. When questions

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