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Fun Games For Grammar And Vocabulary In ESL Classrooms

Fun Games For Grammar And Vocabulary In ESL Classrooms

Let's talk about turning our ESL classrooms into fun zones! Imagine this – learning grammar and vocabulary through games. Yep, you heard it right! Games aren't just for recess; they're awesome tools for soaking up those tricky language rules. Picture this: students laughing, chatting, and totally getting into word games. From cool grammar board games that are more exciting than Monopoly, we've got it all.

And the best part? Learning feels less like work and more like an epic adventure. So, why not shake things up a bit and throw some games into the mix? It's like turning your classroom into a language party – everyone's invited, and everyone leaves knowing their 'theirs' from their 'theys.'

Language learning has never been this much fun! In this blog post I'm going to talk about 3 different types of learning games that I absolutely adore! If you're interested in seeing my entire collection of learning games, click the link HERE or read more about using games in the classroom HERE.


Before diving into the practical strategies, let's explore the benefits of incorporating games into your ESL or language learning class.

1. Active Engagement:

Games captivate students' attention, encouraging active participation and interaction. This engagement is crucial for retaining information and fostering a positive learning atmosphere.

2. Contextual Learning:

Games provide a context for language use, allowing students to apply grammar rules and vocabulary in real-life situations. This contextual learning enhances understanding and retention.

3. Motivation and Fun:

Introducing an element of fun through games boosts students' motivation. Learning becomes an enjoyable experience, encouraging a positive attitude towards language acquisition.

4. Reinforcement of Concepts:

Repetition is key to language learning. Games offer a playful way to reinforce grammar rules and vocabulary, ensuring that students grasp these concepts more effectively.

ESL JEOPARDY interactive game for grammar and vocabulary review


Quiz based game shows are always a classroom favorite because they align with a digital learning style that kids love. Click here to see the Jeopardy ESL Game Show Bundle. A few of the reason that this type of activity is so beneficial to the learning process are:

  1. Engagement and Interactivity:
    • Games are highly interactive, involving students in the learning process actively.
    • The competitive nature of the game can heighten engagement and enthusiasm.
  2. Competition and Motivation:
    • The competitive aspect adds an element of excitement, motivating students to participate and perform well.
    • The desire to win points for their team can drive students to actively learn and recall information.
  3. Fun and Entertainment:
    • Jeopardy-style games are designed to be entertaining, providing a break from traditional classroom activities.
    • The format allows for a lighthearted and enjoyable learning experience.
  4. Teamwork and Collaboration:
    • Many Jeopardy-style games are team-based, fostering collaboration among students.
    • Working together to answer questions promotes a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

      You can grab my JEOPARDY GAMES BUNDLE HERE
Grammar card games for ESL


Card games can be an amazing way to create a low-pressure environment where students feel more comfortable and at ease expressing idea, using vocabulary and asking questions.

Additionally, playing card games such as "UNO" with a grammar or vocabulary twist can create a positive learning experience and reduced anxiety about answering incorrectly.

Card games can also be extremely versatile. I have created more than 20 different grammar card games using targeted language. You can find many of these games by using the following link: ESL VERB TENSE GAMES BUNDLE | PRESENT, PAST, IRREGULAR, QUESTIONS, ICE BREAKERS

Read more about using card games in the classroom >> read more


Guessing games can be a fantastic tool to engage students and promote learning. They are great for vocabulary building, concept review and are a fun morning warm-up! My guessing games are available in three formats: GOOGLE SLIDES | BOOM CARDS or a PRINTABLE guessing game that can be used as a whole class or in small group stations.

Guessing Games for the ESL classroom


In conclusion, who said learning has to be all serious and no play? By infusing games into our classroom routine, we're not just teaching grammar and vocabulary; we're making memories and sparking a genuine love for language.

The laughter, the 'aha' moments, and the friendly competition – it's all part of the magic that happens when education meets entertainment. So, next time you're planning a lesson, think outside the textbook and consider the power of play. After all, when learning feels like a game, everyone's a winner!"


Happy teaching,

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