Vocabulary Flashcard Bundle for ESL ELL ELD - Task Card - Flash Card Toolkit

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This comprehensive flashcard set covers basic vocabulary categories taught in most beginning English curriculums. Each of the 16 flashcard sets come in two different versions: image only and image+text.

Use them for/as:

  • vocabulary building, drilling
  • memory games
  • task cards with the NO TEXT version and included answer sheet



  • Easy to read font for emerging readers or learners that are new to the English language.
  • Included no text version that can be used in any language classroom
  • Put them on a key ring for easy storage and to keep the set together


This pdf file includes:

  • 40 printable flashcards (8 to a page) -generally there are 40 card however some sets have 28, 35, or 48 depending on the topic).
  • Vocabulary List
  • Recording Sheet (no text version can be used as task cards)
  • Student answer sheet (if used as task cards)

The following sets are included in this discounted bundle:

  1. Alphabet, Numbers to 30 & Ordinal Numbers
  2. School and Classroom Vocabulary
  3. People: Family & Jobs
  4. Clothes
  5. Fruit & Vegetables
  6. Food Groups
  7. Home & Furniture
  8. Action Verbs 1
  9. Action Verbs 2
  10. Animals
  11. Telling Time
  12. Homophones
  13. Weather, Seasons, Holidays
  14. Places in a town, buildings, rooms in the house
  15. Daily routine
  16. Color & Shapes

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